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Sheffield based Alt-Metal band & the leaders of The Shadow Smile Cult, Shadow Smile have released their 4th incredible single “Marionette” on January 11th 2021.

You can stream the new single by clicking here

2020 was a year that will never be forgotten, not only because of the pandemic that ripped through all of our lives, but because although it may have bought the music & entertainment industry to its knees, we all united to support one another, and artists from around the world continued to push there way through, using the doom and gloom to unite us all with music.

Shadow Smile was no different, in the Summer of 2020 they released their first EP titled “The Unholy Trinity” which featured singles ‘Digital God’, ‘Left Hand Path’ and ‘Beautiful Disaster’. The EP was a success and fans absolutely loved the new release. (Check out The Unholy Trinity Hoodie)

The bands Lead Vocalist Connor said “2020 was such a crazy year in so many ways, from the COVID-19 situation to all the anger and oppression that led to Black Lives Matter protests, there’s a lot going on and this song is our way of telling fans to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in as we push towards a new year and era”

“Marionette” was announced on 2nd December 2020 after weeks of teasing across the bands social media and the reaction from their already established fan base, despite only forming in 2019, was filled with excitement.

The single itself gained support from the highest of places, one of them being on Kerrang! Radio of which the single premiered on the 4th January 2021 which officially put a mark on what we already believed in 2019, this band will soon blow up very quickly, and the fact they’re already on there way with only 4 singles is absolutely insane.

The track was also featured on BBC Introducing with Christian Carlisle who said “It Kicks like a mule! Absolutely Superb” and also HRH Radio’s Mikki’s New Release Jukebox “An absolute belter of a song, what a way to kick off the New Year!”.

We at Rock Lifestyle UK could not agree more, Marionette so far is the best track that Shadow Smile has released and we are so excited to hear what else they have up there sleeve. We say this because every time they release a new single, it’s always something different, but you can still tell it’s Shadow Smile. They’ve established their own unique sound and not only will they become a band that everybody will know & love, they’re already on the path of doing so. The band have gained attention from some of the biggest media outlets out there right now and have already achieved over 3,000 followers on Facebook alone and this number continues to grow.

So watch out everybody, once live events are back, we can easily see that you’ll witness Shadow Smile rocking out at some of the most prestigious venues that the UK & the rest of the world has to offer in no time.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 đź’€ – The best track of 2021 so far, can it be topped?!

Listen: Marionette by Shadow Smile