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It feels like we’ve been in and out of lockdowns for what feels like 10 years, people, businesses & artists alike have been hit hard around the world.

Today, Shadow Smile lead vocalist, Connor McGovern, told us all about how they have coped & adapted throughout the pandemic. As well as telling us all about how they managed to record there latest single ‘Marionette’ in the midst of lockdowns & restrictions.

“Like all band and artists, Shadow Smile have faced our own set of unique challenges over the past year. But we are kicking down the doors of 2021 and making sure we do this right. It will come as no surprise that all of our 2020 touring plans were scrapped due to the ‘Ongoing Global Bastard’ that is COVID-19.

Acts from the top to the bottom of the food chain have cancelled or postponed their 2020 dates to 2021, and then many have pushed them back once more into 2022. Since we didn’t want to hold on to anyone’s money for longer than necessary, we went with the cancelling option and, instead, decided to do what we do best: adapt and find a way to bring some entertainment to our fans.

In a time of uncertainty and anxiety for the whole world, we got our heads together to think about what we could do and decided that, the day before the UK-wide lockdown, we would stream our full set with our full touring production including lighting and pyro.

To my knowledge, we were the first band to get a full-production live stream out during the pandemic which is something I am personally very proud of.

Of course, I won’t suggest for a second that other bands took influence from us doing this, I’m sure we’re not really on the radar of bands such as Clutch, Avatar, Hollywood Undead and other high-profile bands in the scene who have since streamed incredible live performances across the internet. But I do think it is testament to the relationship that we have with our fans, it was simply unthinkable for us to let down the people who make what we do possible and we couldn’t settle for a quick acoustic set live from the living room when we knew we could do something special.

When the various levels of restriction continued for longer than the 12 weeks initially predicted, we decided to use the time to press ahead with new music. We had been writing individually since the start and were going to wait until after the tour to start putting ideas together into proper songs, but circumstances forced us to be creative with our writing: if we couldn’t get together in person we would do it virtually. Cue many zoom calls and late night calls to discuss guitar parts and harmonies.

As restrictions eased, we headed to Treehouse Studios the day after While She Sleeps concluded their ‘Sleeps Society’ sessions and recorded ‘Marionette’ with Daniel Jeffery, who is continuing to act as Producer on our sessions for future songs (no spoilers here on when they’re coming but it won’t be long).

Despite all of the heartbreak and anguish in the world right now, we are finding new ways to work and push forward. Hopefully we will be able to get out there and perform again before too long. In the meantime we will continue to form great relationships with new fans while doing all we can for the amazing people who have supported us so far. We have developed a great working relationship with our producer, Daniel, who has pushed us harder than we’ve ever been pushed in the studio and we will keep adapting where we need to. Until we meet again in person please stay safe and healthy.”

Connor McGovern Vocals – Shadow Smile

With news of vaccines being given to hundreds of thousands of people everyday, we look forward to a much brighter & safer future, and hopefully the return of live events so we can support our favourite artists and party like we’ve never partied before.