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Experimental Progressive Metal band, Benthos, are set to release a brand new full length album titled ‘Album II’ on April 23rd 2021 via Eclipse Records.

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Benthos released the first single from ‘Album II’ titled ‘Debris // Essence” on 2nd February 2021.

Guitarist Gabriele Papagni spoke about the new single:

“Debris // Essence is an immersion through consciousness”

“The song was written to bring out instinctive passions oppressed by the imposed patterns that are dictated by reality. We chose this song as the first single from the album, because the song summarizes the varying aspects of our sound and style.” – Gabriele Papagni (Guitarist)

Eclipse Records told us a about what the album is all about:

‘Album II’ is the bands debut full length album jam packed with experimental progressive metal, including 7 tracks showcasing the band’s technical skills. The album tells a first-person story about the opposing forces of dualism such as life vs death, intuition vs rationality, and finite vs infinite concepts.

The first single “Debris // Essence” is an immersion through consciousness represented with a dive into the deepest part of the abyss. “Cartesio” is the second single off the album which represents the beginning of the inner journey described throughout the album. The third single “Talk To Me Dragonfly!” is a fast-paced jazz-infused staccato of progressive metal which brings the listener on a confrontation with one’s negativity resulting in awareness, acceptance, and improvement towards positivity. – Eclipse Records

We checked out the latest single ‘Debris // Essence” which was released yesterday, and it’s amazing. We struggled to compare the new single to any other band that we’ve heard of. The closest we could come to for this particular track was Imminence with there track ‘Infectious’ which is equally amazing.

Overall, Benthos have created something unique, trying out different techniques & sounds, some would say it’s “Experimental Progressive Metal”… moving on… and just by this one single release that we’ve heard so far, the new album ‘Album II’ will be absolutely insane. We are sure that you, the reader, will fall in love with Benthos, that’s if you haven’t already.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀