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British Rock band, Circus 66, has released a brand new single ‘Jekyll or Hyde’ from there upcoming debut album ‘Follow The Black Crow’ due to be released later this year.

Click here to stream the new single.

Guitarist Matt Pearce originally formed Circus 66 in 2013. They performed as a trio for 3 years forming a wide musical fanbase due to there musicianship & incredibly energetic live shows which helped pave the way for there debut EP ‘Act I’.

In 2015 the band released there second EP via The Animal Farm record label. They trio went on to support acts such as Tequila Mockingbird, Massive Wagons and Killit, to The Dust Coda which widened there fanbase even further.

A change in the bands line up in 2017 meant the band had yet another powerhouse added into the already electrifying mix. Annabelle Zaychenko joined the band introducing her incredible vocals, unique image, stage presence & attitude. She was the another piece to the puzzle & has helped throw the band into the spotlight even more.

After releasing yet another awesome EP in 2018, the band reshaped there rhythm line up and introduced two more band members, bassist Luke Ward & Drummer Leigh Holley in 2019. Circus 66 are now working on there debut album, getting ready to show the world what they’re truly made of and show off there incredible collective talents.

Circus 66 has already released two singles from ‘Follow The Black Crow’ which is set for release later this year. ‘A Thousand Miles From Home’ released in 2019 and ‘Monster’ released last year, receiving airplay from national radio stations such as, Planet Rock, BBC Introducing, Hard Rock Hell, Chat & Spin and Great Music Stories.

The bands latest single ‘Jekyll or Hyde’ kicks off 2021 for the band, showing a promising year for the band already.

“If you’re a fan of electrifying rock n roll, intertwined with a powerhouse of a vocalist, then Circus 66 is the band for you” – Rock Lifestyle UK

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Accompanying the single is a monstrous cinematic video: