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American Metal act, Of Mice & Men, have released a new single named after there upcoming EP ‘Timeless’ which is set for release on 26th February 2021 via SharpTone Records.

You can stream the new single by clicking here.

The new single, ‘Timeless’ is the bands second single from the upcoming EP. The first being ‘Obsolete’ released earlier this year which received immense positive feedback from fans. The new EP will contain 3 singles by the time it is released and will become the band’s first ever EP release. (Other releases have been singles & albums)

Of Mice & Men’s last studio release was in 2019 with there full-length album ‘Earth And Sky’ which again received immense positive feedback and because of the positive reactions from there fan base it attracted more and more fans, including us.

‘The Timeless’ EP isn’t the only EP from Of Mice & Men to be expected this year. On Twitter, lead vocalist Aaron Pauley told fans that ‘3 EP’s means new music all year!’ in reply to a fans comment:

3 EPs means new music all year! https://t.co/JpFfao3xsj

— Aaron Pauley (@aaronpauley) January 18, 2021

In a more recent tweet, Aaron also told fans that the new EP will be released in not only digital & CD format, but also on vinyl, which for vinyl collectors such as us, is amazing news!:

There will be physical copies and vinyl variants of the Timeless EP.

We just elected to wait until we had them all in hand before we started selling them to you, ydg?


— Aaron Pauley (@aaronpauley) February 10, 2021

Our favourite track from the EP so far has to go to Obsolete, it gives us vibes from the Earth & Sky album released in 2019, especially in comparison with the track ‘Mushroom Cloud’.

Overall, The ‘’Timeless’ single is incredible. It shows that Of Mice & Men have much more to release. Every time the band releases a single, album or EP it seems to only get better and better, it’s like they have an endless source of incredible music at there disposal. Which, wouldn’t actually surprise us.

With the band releasing new unbelievably incredible music, we are sure that Of Mice & Men are more than ready to become the next superstar metal act. One day soon we will see these guys headlining the likes of Download Festival, of which they’re already high up on the bill for the main stage, where they most certainly deserve to be.

How many skulls out of 10?