UK Melodic Metal band, Our Hollow, Our Home have dropped a brand new single from their upcoming album ‘Burn In The Flood’ set for release on Friday 28th May 2021.

You can stream the new single by clicking here.

This track will be available on Apple Music on 12/02/2021

The new single ‘Remember Me’ is the bands 2nd single from the forthcoming album. The first single ‘Burn In The Flood’, also the title of the album, was released on December 17th 2020 and has already accumulated over 290,000 views on YouTube alone. ‘Remember Me’ also features vocalist Ryo Kinoshita from the Japanese Metalcore band Crystal Lake who have had worldwide success since forming in 2002.

After missing out on the first single release of ‘Burn In The Flood’ which had to check this one out. We was most certainly not disappointed whatsoever. Since discovering Our Hollow, Our Home only last year, and despite the world coming to almost a standstill, the band have continued to grow & develop there awesome sound and it can really be heard in this new track.

Our Hollow, Our Home’s last full-length album (that included vocals) was in 2018 ‘In Moment // In Memory’ which was just absolutely f***ing insane! The album spoke about love & loss, focusing around guitarist Tobias Young’s loss of his father in 2017 of which Tobias said ‘Writing this album became my coping mechanism’ and also said that the band wanted the album to be ‘a companion to anyone taking their own journey’, this in itself shows that Our Hollow, Our Home is all about being open, sharing there journey & giving support to there audience. Showing that they’re not alone with there struggles and that you can push through. The last 2 albums have been instrumentals from previous works.

We do not expect the next album ‘Burn In The Flood’ to be any different in terms of expression and being something that fans can relate to, they have been this way since the beginning, showing not only thanks, but also support to there audience in times of need.

Overall, Our Hollow, Our Home’s new single, is as always absolutely incredible and we are so pleased to see that they’re getting the recognition they truly deserve & the support from the likes of Crystal Lake is just the push that they need.

A message from RLUK:

Our Hollow, Our Home is a band that we hold close to our hearts. Despite only discovering the band in the last 1-2 years, they have become a band that we listen to religiously and connect with emotionally. We’re really looking forward to the release of the bands new album in May, as per usual, the band will blow us away. A massive thank you to the band for all of your hard work & appreciation to your audience.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀