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A few months ago, The BlackLava announced that there drummer of almost 7 years, Diego, had left the band. Despite his departure, the band has said that Diego is start apart of the family and in some ways ‘It’s like they’re still in this band even though they don’t play there anymore!’ and that ‘things change in life but the true friendship remains like the one with Diego’.

This was a statement the band posted on 6th December 2020:

2 months later, on Wednesday 10th February 2021, The BlackLava announced there new addition to the line up. Taking Diego’s position is Adi, who will be bringing his incredible talents to the band and pushing The BlackLava to the next level.

Alongside the news of Adi joining the band, the band have also said there will be some more news coming in the next few weeks and that they’re ready for “new adventures”. There’s not been many clues as to what this could be, it could be anything but we’re hoping for some more awesome music from the group, so they can show off Adi’s talents!

We look forward to seeing what The BlackLava do next, what the band has achieved so far is incredible. We wish Diego the best of luck in the future, and Adi a big welcome to The BlackLava family.