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American Rock band, Icon For Hire are back with a fiery new release & are ready to explode back into the rock scene.

Icon For Hire have released their brand new 4th full-length album ‘Amorphous’ released on 19th February 2021.

You can stream the new album by clicking here

‘Amorphous’ absolutely kicks butt and is set to be one of our top album releases of 2021 and we’re only in February! The album so far is one of our favourite releases since their iconic ‘Scripted’ album which they released in 2011, showcasing how the band has evolved and the different avenues that they’ve explored over the years.

The new album was funded by Icon For Hire’s fan base through a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $200,000. ‘Amorphous’ is now one of the highest fundraising campaigns for an album and has also raised over $100,000 more than their previous release ‘You Can’t Kill Us’ in 2015.

Much like previous releases, Icon For Hire continue to connect with fans around the world, spreading a very important message about mental health. The track ‘Panic Attacks’ tells a story about Ariel Bloomer’s personal struggles with Anxiety, switching between Ariel as a child questioning everything she’s doing or has done and then back as an adult trying to ignore the voice in her head, trying everything she can to make herself happy.

This is something that not many artists or even people in general want to talk about, but the message in this track is that you can overcome your inner demons, you need to push forward and get help from people around you to get the support you need & deserve.

For us, the release of Amorphous is a celebration of Icon For Hire, this is a band that blew up on the scene years ago, fell due to battles with record labels but with both Ariel Bloomer (Vocalist) & Shawn Jump’s (Guitarist) strength, hard work, determination and outstanding support from their audience, Icon For Hire are back on top, inspiring people around the world, sending a powerful message to never give up & always keep fighting for your passion & your dreams.

When I discovered Icon For Hire in 2013 (before our website even existed) and I remember being absolutely addicted when I discovered the Scripted album for the first time through YouTube recommendations, and I’ve just been transported back in time to when I was still in secondary school, listening to Icon For Hire for the first time and that is difficult to do for many artists, they have truly kicked it out of the park. – Scott O’Shea (Owner of RLUK)

This is an album that the world needs to hear right now, and we are sure those that have listened to the new album see things the same way we do. Right now we are in a time where mental health needs to be heard & Icon For Hire are doing just that, they’re creating music that provides support, inspiring people to fight back against depression, alongside telling there own story of their battles showing you can come out on top and achieve the goals that you strive to reach.

Overall, as you can tell we are already huge fans of Icon For Hire, but in all honesty and putting our biases to one side, this album is filled with incredible tracks, at the time of writing this article, we’ve listened to the album almost 4 times as each track is a banger.

We 100% recommend you check out this album, even if you’re a fan of Icon For Hire.

“Icon for Hire are not only unique, they’re powerful & Amorphous is just what you need to hear right now” – RLUK

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The Strength of Music

Music is one of the most popular forms of communication when it comes to getting a message across, however, Icon For Hire have taken it to another level, talking about their own personal experiences and putting it into a form where listeners can listen & interact with the band, and we don’t mean just by commenting. The band frequently live stream on social media & even reply to fans emails, showing true support to their supporters, which in this industry is rare to come by.

As we mentioned before, Icon for Hire have had their battles and have received major support from their fan base, this ranges from raising funds to an album to even fighting alongside them when on the brink of losing everything they created.

In 2015 Icon For Hire departed ways with their then label ‘Tooth and Nail’ due to complications going on behind the scenes. The label were effectively holding the band hostage by not allowing them to release any new music at all.

Although, this was no easy path for the band. Tooth & Nail refused to let the band go and resulted in Icon For Hire filing for bankruptcy and were able to finally gain their independence. In the same year, their drummer Adam Kronshagen announced his departure from the band, originally leaving in 2015, returning & then leaving for a final time in 2016.

Since 2016 Icon For Hire have been working extremely hard and have had tremendous support from fans around the globe which helped them keep fighting for their dreams.

Ariel Bloomer, the bands lead vocalist, recorded a YouTube in 2016 explaining why Icon for Hire is still around & fighting:

In the comment section of the video, they commented: “If the point of Icon For Hire was just to get big and successful, we might have quit last year when things got really difficult. We won’t stop, because you are the point. And so many more people need to hear these songs! Please help us make that happen.”

This is a message that the band continue to spread every single day & every single time they record new music, it’s all about their fans & giving back to those who need it most.

Icon For Hire isn’t just a band, it’s a family that fights for one another and that on it’s own is truly inspiring.

The band have released 2 new albums since 2016, ‘You Can’t Kill Us’ which was the bands first successful release that they released independently, funded by fans raising over $100,000 the band originally aimed to raise $2,016 to fund the album. ‘You Can’t Kill Us’ features tracks such as ‘Supposed To Be’ which has accumulated over 4million views on YouTube alone and their track ‘Happy Hurts’ became yet another iconic track for the band relating directly to thousands of people around the world, building a stronger connection to fans.

Their latest album ‘Amorphous’ is set to be yet another successful independent release, receiving support from the likes of Rock Sound & even featuring on the cover of Spotify’s ‘Heavy Queens’ playlist. Once again this album features tracks that people can connect to, especially with the track ‘Panic Attacks’ which tells the story of vocalist Ariel Bloomers personal battle with Anxiety.

They also released an acoustic sessions album ‘Still Can’t Kill Us’ in 2018, these where acoustic versions of 2016 release ‘You Can’t Kill Us’, showing that the band are diverse & have the ability to adapt to different musical styles.

The reason as to why we wanted to talk about Icon For Hire’s past is because it is truly inspirational. This is a band that refuse to be pushed around or silence by record labels, this is a band that has a dedicated fan base that supports them and they do exactly the same for their audience, which in this industry is extremely rare to find. Most people would’ve probably have walked away when faced with the situations that these guys have faced, but they believed in themselves and they knew they could push forward and create something incredible with the right support which is exactly what they got from fans around the world.

It really shows how music is one of the strongest forms of communications in the world. The ability to self heal just by connecting through music is extremely powerful, helping you process your own personal struggles & pushing you to a point where you might gain the strength to ask for support. Many of us don’t realise that music is what keeps us going, and that’s why it’s so powerful.

Do you have any memories you’d like to share from when you first discovered Icon For Hire?

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Here’s the first song that we heard by Icon For Hire:


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