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Slam Dunk Festival have announced they have rescheduled their event to September 2021 due to the announcement yesterday from the UK Government.

On Monday 22nd February 2021, Boris Johnson lead a news conference at 7pm announcing his plans to gradually lift restrictions across the nation. Unfortunately, restrictions for large scale events such as Slam Dunk Festival, are not set to be lifted until June 21st 2021.

The new dates for the festival are:

North – Saturday 4th September 2021

South – Sunday 5th September 2021

All tickets already bought from last years event will be moved forward to the new rescheduled dates.

The announcement yesterday has also put a lot of doubts into other events that are set also meant to be taking place last year, many of which where rescheduled last year due to restrictions. Glastonbury already announced that their 2021 edition of the festival was being pushed back to 2022, this is the 2nd time the festival have had to do so. Other events such as Download Festival, Reading & Leeds and concerts such as My Chemical Romance comeback tour & Green Day’s Hella Mega Tour could also not be going ahead due to restrictions.

Everything depends on if the UK’s covid cases (or the R rate) stays below 1, if cases begin to rise restrictions may be delayed further.

However, right now it looks like we can begin to look forward to a somewhat “Normal” summer, meaning we can get back in touch with relatives & friends. Although nothing will be the same as before the pandemic, this is beginning to getting all of our lives back on track & hopefully we will see the return of the events industry very soon.

So, what is the UK roadmap & what dates should we be looking at?

The UK Roadmap is a plan set out by the UK Government to allow restrictions to be eased over time, this is if everything goes well, including vaccinations & those following the rules.

Here are the dates that we should be expecting some restrictions to be lifted:

March 8th – All schools will open with outdoor after-school sports and activities allowed. Recreation in an outdoor public spaces – such as a park – will be allowed between two people, meaning they would be allowed to sit down for a coffee, drink or picnic

March 29th – Outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households will be allowed. It is understood this will include gatherings in private gardens. Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis or basketball courts will reopen and organised adult and children’s sport, such as grassroots football, will also return.

April 12th – Non-essential retail opens, hairdressers and some public buildings like libraries (social contact rules still apply, including no indoor mixing)

  • Outdoor settings like alcohol takeaways, beer gardens, zoos and theme parks
  • Indoor leisure like swimming pools and gyms
  • Self-contained holiday accommodation, such as self-catering lets and camp sites.
  • Review of International Travel restrictions

May 17th – Rule of six rule will be removed for outdoor gatherings, replaced with the limit of 30 people.

Two households can mix indoors – with the rule of six applied in hospitality settings like pubs

  • Cinemas, museums, hotels, performances and sporting events reopen – though social distancing remains
  • Up to 10,000 spectators can attend the very largest outdoor seated venues like football stadiums
  • Up to 30 people can attend weddings, funerals, receptions & wakes

June 21st – All legal social contact limits will be removed & the rest of the currently closed economy sectors can re-open.

Please remember these dates are milestone goals & are only based on if the data shows it is possible to do so. If cases fall, infections fall & vaccination goals are met we can expect for restrictions to be lifted on the dates above. If this does not happen, these may be delayed or put back into place if absolutely necessary.

Here’s to a hopeful summer & we hope you all are taking care of yourselves & staying safe. Fingers crossed we will see you on festival fields and concerts later this year!