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Manchester Progressive Rock Act, Twisted Illusion will be re-releasing their debut album ‘Temple of Artifice’ on Friday 28th May 2021.

You can pre-order ‘Temple of Artifice’ by clicking here

The re-release is on the debut albums 5th Anniversary since its original release. Twisted Illusion also released their single ‘Apocalypse…#LOL’ on February 19th 2021 and has already accumulated over 40,000 views on YouTube alone, in addition they’ve created a die hard fanbase within the UK, USA & Europe which for many artists, including hugely successful acts is extremely difficult to do.

During the next 18 months, the band will be releasing four studio albums, each of which consist of music that the band have accumulated over the last 3 years.

The first album to be released will be the re-release of ‘Temple of Artifice’, vocalist Matt Jones spoke about why they’re re-releasing the album:

Despite this album initially being written in 2016, it’s more lyrically relevant than ever to me. Temple of Artifice is very much at the core of TI’s ethos and sensibilities and will continue to be so. It represents integrity, a promotion of good mental health and a joy to be found in the absurdity of it all.” – Matt Jones

After this, the band will be releasing ‘The Excite the Light Trilogy’ which are three albums which will be showcasing each aspect of the band & it’s incredible sound.

Overall, Twisted Illusion are ready to show the world what they’re really made of, and with the creation of three albums ready to be released in one year, it is set to be one of the most ambitious releases this year. Most artists only release 1 album and a couple of singles within a year, and even then it can be hard to get their music out there as well as making sure each track will be enjoyed by both new listeners & existing fans. Releasing 3 albums in one year will certainly put the band to the ultimate test.

How many skulls out of 10? (Single: Apocalypse…#LOL)

8/10 💀

“Apocalypse…#LOL is humorous, filled with incredible sounds & brings light to us all during the difficult time that the world is in right now” – Rock Lifestyle UK