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UK Four-Piece Melodic Death Metal act, Beyond Your Design, have dropped their long awaited EP ‘Together We Rise’ on 04/03/2021.

You can buy & stream the new EP by clicking here.

Beyond Your Design announced their brand new EP in early 2020, but due unforeseen circumstances it sadly was unable to come together. After a year of working hard to get the EP put together, ‘Together We Rise’ is finally here and it is a monster of an EP.

Earlier this year, the band released their first single from the EP ‘Gods and Men’ accompanied by a very fiery music video. The music video itself took place at Gloucester Prison, most of the video was shot in the prisons chapel. The track itself was created in the usual BYD fashion, that being creating music that must’ve come from the depths of hell itself, we feel this is the only explanation for it.

Also featuring in the music video was one of our limited edition Nine Lives tee’s worn by guitarist Harry Warren which we felt added to the awesomeness of course 😉

Aside from the obviously awesome t-shirt, each track on this EP is insane, featuring god like vocals, electrifyingly powerful riffs & pulsating drums that are enough to spawn a crater beneath your feet. It is truly monstrous.

“Beyond Your Design’s fiery entrance into the greater world of music. Together We Rise is a powerful four song EP that tells their story of pain, loss and their ability to rise above and become something stronger together.” – Beyond Your Design

Overall, the new EP is incredible & the guys over at Beyond Your Design should be extremely proud of themselves. Comparing this new EP to their previously released music such as ‘From Apathy to Waste’ you can clearly hear how much the band have worked on their sound & that they’ve separated themselves from the rest of the competition.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

“Beyond Your Design are well on their way to designing a masterpiece album that’ll define their career. This is only the beginning!” – Rock Lifestyle UK