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heffield, Alternative Metal Act, Shadow Smile, are getting ready to release a brand new single ‘Join Us’ on Friday 19th 2021.

You will be able to stream the brand new single on all major streaming platforms.

Shadow Smile released their latest single ‘Marionette’ in January 2021 and has received immense positive feedback from fans as well as receiving airplay on multiple radio stations and even featuring on BBC Introducing hosted by Christian Carlisle (Click Here)

Despite the new single not yet being released, Shadow Smile have dropped teasers across their social media showing what sort of sound we should be expecting when it is released on Friday:

Shadow Smile also revealed on their Facebook that Friday’s release is the bands ‘Most Ambitious song yet, bringing together all of our previous work’.

With that being said, we are extremely excited for the release this Friday. Since the bands formation in 2018 they managed to grow a considerable sized audience within just 1 year, hitting over 3000 Facebook likes in 2020 with only 2 single releases.

The bands first release was ‘Digital God’, released on August 2nd 2019 alongside a music video. This track has achieved over 2,000 views on YouTube alone and was followed with the release of ‘Left Hand Path’ in November 2019 which saw the band progress into more heavier sounds. The band then released their first ever love song ‘Beautiful Disaster’ which was released on 1st May 2020. Soon after, it was announced that the band was to release all 3 of these tracks on one EP ‘The Unholy Trinity’. The EP was then released on October 1st 2020 and is now a staple point in the bands career.

As mentioned above, Shadow Smile dropped their latest single ‘Marionette’ earlier this year which again, like the other tracks, received amazing feedback. It is now time for Shadow Smile to step back into the limelight and take the world by storm with another speaker-blowing release, because of course, the only way to listen to Shadow Smile is on full blast.

Are you looking forward to the new release?

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