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Due to technical difficulties with some online streaming platforms, the release of ‘Join Us’ has been delayed until 29th March 2021. However, Shadow Smile will be releasing a music video on Monday 22nd March 2021 via YouTube

Sheffield Alternative Metal Act, Shadow Smile, have released their brand new single ‘Join Us’ on Friday 19th 2021.

You can stream the new single by clicking here

Upon our first listen to the new track ‘Join Us’ we was absolutely blown away, which for Shadow Smile happens each time they release a new track. This single truly showcases the progression that the band has made since their first release of ‘Digital God’. Comparing the two tracks is night and day, although Digital God is an absolute belter, ‘Join Us’ really shows that the band have been seriously working hard on their sound and the stamp that they want to leave on this industry.

We also noticed in this particular track that lead vocalist, Connor McGovern, has definitely been working on his vocals. You can certainly hear it in his clean vocals, they have improved massively and his screams have become so much more powerful. Now that’s not to say the rest of the band haven’t, because they absolutely have, those guitar riffs have been stuck in my head for the last hour and honestly kinda reminds me of the likes of Bullet For My Valentin or While She Sleeps. Those are certainly front and centre in this track and alongside the bass, you can only imagine what this song will be like when performed live, it’ll be absolutely insane.

Overall, as you can tell we extremely enjoyed this track. We love our heavy music & of course, we love Shadow Smile. Pushing all biases aside, Shadow Smile have come a long way, we’ve been following them since the very start and every song they release just gets better & better. We feel that very soon, these guys could be ready to release their debut album which’ll really put the band to the maximum test and produce something really special.

(Please note nothing has been said about any releases, this is just us expressing our thoughts)

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