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American hardcore punk band, Beartooth, dropped a brand new single ‘Devastation’ on March 19th 2021 and another track ‘The Past Is Dead’ on March 26th 2021.

You can stream the new single by clicking here.

It’s been a while since I have personally heard Beartooth’s music. The last track we most likely heard was their 2015 release ‘In Between’ which was apart of their at the time album ‘Disease’ which was both an awesome track & album. Comparing ‘In Between’ with their new single ‘Devastation’ they’re both quite different, In Between is certainly a lot more punk whereas Devastation I would say is heading more towards the metal direction, maybe even taking a look at their roots with tracks like ‘I Have A Problem’ which was released in 2013.

Now, although we said it sounds like they’re heading more towards the ‘metal direction’, the latest single ‘The Past Is Dead’ plays the UNO reversal card heading back towards their hardcore punk sound. At the start of the track it really gave me old school Fall Out Boy vibes, especially with Caleb’s vocals but still keeping with that iconic Beartooth sound and of course, it wouldn’t be them without a beefalicious drop.

Both of these singles are apart of the bands upcoming album ‘Below’ which is set for release on 25th June 2021. With that being said, we’re not 100% sure what this new album is going to sound like as Beartooth have released 2 slightly different styled tracks out of their musical hat, are they going heavier, are they going towards more old school FOB or are they sticking with their usual style? Our theory is they’ve looked back at their discography and they’ve basically decided they want a bit of everything to make the most kickass album of 2021, and to be honest, we’re all for it!

Overall, both of these tracks blew us away and we can happily say they’ll be repeating themselves in our heads for the next few months, especially ‘The Past Is Dead’, I mean how can you not keep singing that chorus? It’s so damn catchy!

Let us know what you think about these releases and if you agree with what we’re saying about the new album being a mixture of the bands previous album releases.

How many skulls out of 10? (Devastation)

10/10 💀

How many skulls out of 10? (The Past Is Dead)

9/10 💀


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