British Rock Act, Blanket, have dropped a brand new single ‘White Noise’ on March 26th 2021 via Music For Nations.

You can stream the new single by clicking here

Upon listening to the new single ‘White Noise’ we was pleasantly surprised as we was introduced to something that is slightly different for us. We had never heard any of Blanket’s music before, White Noise is a first for us and it is pretty decent. Of course, we took a look back to some of the bands first releases, starting with ‘Acacia’ which was released in 2017 and you can clearly tell the band have taken their time to create their own sound with the new release of ‘White Noise’ as in all honesty, ‘Acacia’ did remind us slightly of Coldplay with some of their slower stuff. Which is of course not a bad thing, but it is nice to see how they’ve evolved and creating their own unique sound to stand out from the rest.

I think one of the reasons why ‘White Noise’ stands out from some of their previous works is because it has a much more heavier tone, especially at the start with the hard hitting drums & guitar, giving us Black Sabbath or maybe Gojira vibes? We know Black Sabbath & Gojira are wildly different compared to Blanket but that intro really sent off those vibes. The rest of the song continued with the incredible instrumental accompanied by the soothing vocals of Simon Morgan.

The band spoke about what sparked the idea of creating ‘White Noise’:

“ ‘White Noise’ evolved from an idea we had during the production of our previous record, we stuck with the idea, and as the piece matured we followed with it, and this track really became the basis of the sonic progression of the new record.

With ‘White Noise’ we explored influences from artists we’ve always loved but haven’t previously pulled from, such as Converge, Cave In and Deftones, to create a much heavier sound while still atmospheric and with some post-rock influence.

The themes of this song and accompanying music video are an introduction to the concept of ‘Modern Escapism’ as we introduce you to the voyeuristic figure who acts as the omnipotent protagonist for our forthcoming album.” – Blanket

Overall, Blanket have created something quite different, it isn’t our usual cup of tea but is certainly something we can see capturing listeners from all genres, and that does include Metal lovers as in a way it’s like if TOOL had a baby with Coldplay and it grew up to be Black Sabbaths & Deftones much much calmer step-brother, if that makes any sense at all – probably not.

Anyways – back to the point, the new track is different but yet brilliant in every aspect, the instrumental & the vocals work so well together and provides an easy listening experience. Although they’re on the ‘calmer’ side of things, we think witnessing Blanket’s performance live will be one to remember. Much like acts like TOOL, they’re a band to listen too not watch for pyro technics & mosh pits.

Do you agree with what we said about the latest single ‘White Noise’? Let us know in the comments below.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀

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