Essex 4-Piece Metal Act, Fatality, are going to be releasing a brand new single ‘Eight’ on Friday 2nd April 2021 in support of Mental Health Charity, MIND.

The new track ‘Eight’ centralises itself around themes of a mental health crisis, metaphorically describing how the dark thoughts are all consuming and the sense that the world is trying to bring you down and make you give up, even though you know that’s not the right path.

It sheds light on the fact that anyone can struggle with mental health problems, despite how they appear on the surface, and how these can creep up on you even when you’re feeling happy and well within yourself. 

Fatality want everyone to know that it really is okay not to be okay. Check on your friends, check on your family, always ask twice.

As part of their single release for Eight, Fatality will be donating £1 from every sale of the single or any merch on their Bandcamp to mental health charity MIND.

Fatality are well known for using their musical talents to help raise funds for charities. When the band released their self-titled EP, they raised over £200 for the SNAP Charity who support those with special needs as well as the parents & carers. In 2018 the band released their second EP ‘Prey’ and still continued their charity work, organising a tour which attracted large crowds, which finished with an EP release release party in early 2019. The band successfully raised over £500 for the mental health charity, MIND.

These guys are truly incredible, not only are they passionate about their music but they’re also extremely passionate about supporting those that really need it most.

MIND is a mental health charity in the United Kingdom, supporting those who battle with mental health issues such as depression & anxiety. The charities main campaign is to ensure that everyone has access to ‘excellent care & services’ and that everyone should be ‘treated fairly, positively and with respect’.

The charity campaigns on a range of issues; ‘that could affect anybody with a mental health problem. This includes health services; legislation; protection of legal rights, and employment. Join us to campaign for change.’

MIND are an extremely important charity in the United Kingdom, especially during these incredibly difficult times. They work closely with other services to ensure they can help people as much as possible.

If you have ever felt like you need someone to talk to, need assistance or support to help you get through a difficult time or are not being treated with respect or fairly by others such as work, then MIND is the charity you should get in touch with today, and even if they can’t assist you, they’ll always make sure you get support from another charity or service that can, each time providing high quality services.

In addition to supporting Fatality’s new release ‘Eight’ on Friday, you can support MIND by clicking here, and even if you’re not able to donate, sharing this article, the single or even the link to MIND’s donation page will help raise awareness for this incredible charity.


Donate to MIND: https://www.mind.org.uk/donate
About MIND: https://www.mind.org.uk/about-us/

Buy the new single ‘Eight’: https//fatalitybanduk.bandcamp.com

Not able to donate? Why not help support MIND by sharing this article, the new single by Fatality and/or the MIND website. Every share helps raise awareness for this cause.

We at Rock Lifestyle UK will be donating any profits from this article to MIND, we will be purchasing the new single ‘Eight’ and donating £5 to MIND directly.

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