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Coming at you from Gent, Belgium, SHTEVIL was formed in 2015 when Steven Vergauwen (aka SHTEVIL) set about to create a fresh project that was unique and exciting. Crafting music reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad, but also firmly lodged in the 21st century, SHTEVIL has been influenced by an array of musicians ranging from Prince, Thin Lizzy and Al Green to Kanye West. SHTEVIL, in his bold and out of the box approach, has quite certainly accomplished his goal to produce something both memorable and distinctive.

Thus far, SHTEVIL has released a hatful of very well received singles. The track On Fire topped Virgin Radio (Italy) charts, and the song was also used by a slew of TV programs throughout mainland Europe. SHTEVIL’s debut album, STUNG, also picked up widespread praise across Europe, enabling SHTEVIL to tour across the mainland in support of the record.

Most recently, SHTEVIL released a brand new EP ‘Thank You’ earlier this year. The EP has received positive reviews & has received widespread airplay across Europe.

SHTEVIL is an artist to watch out for, he is rising to the top of the game:

Check out our exclusive interview: (Interview premieres at 6.30PM BST on 07/04/2021)

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