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British Melodic Metal act, Our Hollow, Our Home have released a brand new single ‘Seven Years’ from their upcoming album ‘Burn In The Flood’ which is due to be released on 28th May 2021.

You can pre-order ‘Burn In The Flood’ by clicking here.

Once again, Our Hollow, Our Home are back with yet another blistering single from their upcoming album. The moment you press play, you’re immediately hit with earth shattering vocals, explosive guitars and drums and bass that make you wanna head bang to the point that your head might actually fall off.

Aside from the fact that these guys have created yet another monstrous track, the most important part about a song is what it’s all about. According to the band, ‘Seven Years’ is a song that delves into the struggles of coping with addiction and the feelings that come with it.

When reading & listening to the songs lyrics, you can tell the band have truly captured those emotions. This track in particular goes through the process of trying to recover from being addicted, showcasing how much it can damage you as a person & others around you, almost like having an argument with yourself and what goes through your mind during the process of recovery, promising yourself that you’d never go back to how things where before. It also talks about relapsing, which truly shows how difficult it is to move away from addiction and then goes back into the thought process of how you feel & how others might think of you because of you’ve relapsed.

‘Seven Years’ is really inspiration & will definitely help both those currently struggling with addiction & those who may not quite understand what those who do struggle go through. It opens peoples minds and makes them think a little bit more about mental health & addiction.

Vocalist Connor Hallisey spoke about the bands upcoming album ‘Burn In The Flood’:

“We always want to try and do something a little different on each album, and I think we have again here. It’s got stronger melodies, it’s got a few little experiments in sound to keep people on their toes, but, ultimately, we once again just went into the studio to make a record that we and our fans would be proud of and enjoy. Something that will sound good in our live set.” – Connor Hallisey

Guitarist & Vocalist, Tobias Young also spoke about the new release:

With each record we’ve done we try and navigate that balance between heavy and melodic. We put heavy vocals where heavy vocals wouldn’t go and clean vocals where clean vocals don’t normally go. Just to mix it up for us, and to make us stand out more and give us less uniformity. Also we wanted the vocals to sound like one person, rather than the two of us giving two different takes on it, because we wanted it to sound more connected. It’s the closest that we’ve ever worked together, mainly because of lockdown. We had to do it all on Zoom, but it gave us this connection where we could talk about where we were coming from. It wasn’t ‘You’re talking about this, and I’m talking about this.’, it’s now two people with a shared voice and a shared opinion, it’s what we as a band think, the two of us overlap rather than just take our own turns, and it has allowed us to evolve into something very different to what we have done previously.” – Tobias Young

Connor also added: “It’s been a much more collective writing process this time, I didn’t want to step on Toby’s toes last time out because I knew how important it was for him to express all of those feelings. But this time around we have truly collaborated and written collectively and I think it’s ended up being something very different from what we would normally do. It’s progression, it’s switching things up” – Connor Hallisey

Our Hollow, Our Homes new album ‘Burn In The Flood’ is already on course to be an explosive album & most likely be one of the bands biggest milestones in their career.

“We are truly inspired by Our Hollow, Our Homes work, they really capture each element of their emotions & have created something that people can relate to, which is what a lot of people look for when listening to music. It helps them get by and know they’re never alone no matter what they’re going through.” – Rock Lifestyle UK

How many skulls out of 10? (Seven Years)

10/10 💀

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