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Earlier this year we announced that we had something truly special to reveal. Well that ‘something special’ is finally here and we are really excited to show you all.

Today, we are proud to announce that on Sunday 11th March 2021 we will be premiering our first exclusive interview with Icon For Hire’s vocalist, Ariel Bloomer. Icon For Hire are such an inspiration band for artists around the world, they’ve been through a lot of rough times, but yet they still continued to create music, over the last few years Icon For Hire has been receiving tremendous support from fans & media outlets around the world. You can read all about Icon For Hire in our article, The Strength of Music, which goes into how the band rose to fame, how they momentarily fell, and how they picked themselves back up as an independent artist.

The interview with Ariel goes live on Sunday 11th March 2021 at 6.30PM BST. It can be watched here or via our YouTube channel, RockLifestyleTV. You will be able to turn on reminders for the interview from tomorrow afternoon, we will post an update on all of our social media when it is available.

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