Polish-Death Groove Metal act, RISEUP, have signed a worldwide deal with Eclipse Records and are set to drop their debut album on August 6th 2021.

You can pre-order and pre-save the new album by clicking here

Our partners over at Eclipse Records are thrilled to announce the signing of RISEUP to an exclusive worldwide deal. The band is a death-groove metal band from Pszow, Poland, whose music pounds straight to the core, leaving you in sonic disequilibrium! RISEUP was formed in 2012 and are currently getting ready to release their debut album Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 via Eclipse Records on August 6, 2021. 

RISEUP vocalist, Marcin Stanek, spoke about the deal with Eclipse Records:

“We play music because we bloody love to do it anytime and anywhere, We really want to thank Eclipse Record for believing in our music and signing us… it’s all still a bit of a shock to us. We have been preparing things for the announcement, going through the label’s onboarding procedures and patiently waiting to break the news. Despite all that, I still wonder if they really knew what they’re getting into with us, ha! – Marcin Stanek

The band’s debut full-length album Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 is scheduled for release on August 6, 2021. Produced by Arkadiusz Dzierżawa at Lighthouse Audio, and the album art was designed by Mitja Juraja. DMCT is a pummeling debut by one of Poland’s heaviest groove-metal bands to ever break onto the international metal scene.

Album Tracklist:

  1. Rise
  2. Unfaith
  3. Crown
  4. Digital Whore
  5. Fire Still Burning
  6. Inglorious 13
  7. Jim B
  8. Misery
  9. Slonski Wurszt
  10. Prophecy
  11. Gutter

We’re looking forward to what RISEUP have coming this August, we are sure they’re in safe hands with the awesome folks over at Eclipse Records. Based on there previous releases, they’re more than ready to release something that is really going to explode, and we are more than ready for it!

“We are surprised RISEUP haven’t dominated the metal scene yet, but we are sure with this epic debut album release everyone will of heard of RISEUP” – Rock Lifestyle UK

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