American Metal act, Tetrarch, have dropped their final single ‘Addicted’ from their upcoming album ‘Unstable’ which is set to be release tomorrow, Friday 30th April 2021, via Napalm Records.

You can order the new album by clicking here.

I discovered Tetrarch back in February this year after YouTube recommended the band on the home page with the track “I’m Not Right”. Since then I’ve been absolutely hooked to this band and have made sure to check out each one of their new releases ever since. So far the band has released 4 singles from the album; I’m Not Right, Negative Noise, You Never Listen and Addicted. Each of these tracks are incredible and will have you head banging & singing along in a matter of seconds.

The way I would describe Tetrarch is as if Slipknot and Matthew Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine Vocalist) had a child, that child being Tetrarch. Despite hearing these slight similarities, Tetrarch have created their own sound and stand out from the crowd, which in this industry that is filled the brim with incredible artists all trying to develop their own stand out sound, is extremely difficult. So far, Tetrarch are well on their way to becoming our ‘Artist of the Year’ and their album “Unstable” being our album of the year. The fact we are talking about listing these guys as the top upcoming artist of this year already just shows how blown away we are, we will see what happens in 8 months time. I even bought their limited edition vinyl after only listening to ‘You Never Listen’.

Comparing Tetrarchs most recent releases and their previous releases such as their album ‘Freak’ which featured tracks such as Oddity and the title single ‘Freak’, you can seriously hear how this band have really worked on developing their own sound as when you listen to singles such as ‘Freak’ you can really hear the influences of bands such as Slipknot, not that it’s a bad thing, Oddity is still a f**king kick-ass song, but it’s really impressive how far they’ve come.

Overall, tomorrow’s release of ‘Unstable’ is going to be incredible and you NEED to check it out. This band, in my opinion, are going to be the next big act in the Metal scene, each track they release is an absolute monster. Even watching some of their live performances over on YouTube shows how incredibly talented these guys are both in the studio and up on stage. So, even if you’re not a huge fan of Metal, at least check these guys out, you might even become a fan.

“Tetrarch are the next big act in the Metal industry, and will soon be an act everyone talks about” – Rock Lifestyle UK

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