Merchandise is the bloodline for most artists nowadays, we know how important it is when you’re wanting to become successful. We also know that merchandise costs money, which is why we want to extend a helping hand to run your merchandise store with ease.

There are two options you can choose from:

Merchandise Collaboration & Management

(Option 1)

  • Work together to create a product for your store
  • We pay for half of the cost of sales in return of 50% of profits.
  • All merchandise created will be sold directly on your store.
  • We will offer to manage the shipping & packaging of the product.
  • You are not required to pay us anything to use this service

*this is because we will be splitting profits with you.

*we also do not take any profits from your already existing products.

Merchandise Management

(Option 2)


You can partner with us so we manage all of your merchandise. By this we mean ensuring your products are stocked & shipped to your customers. We will also handle customer service enquiries.

This option does require a fee which will be discussed as it depends on the size of your store & audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just run my own merchandise store?

You’re absolutely correct, you definitely could. However, much like creating & maintaining a website, creating merchandise, stocking the products, shipping the products & then also replying to customer enquiries can be extremely time consuming.

We at RLUK would simply be working with you to do all the time consuming roles so you can focus more on your career & interacting with your fans.

What do you mean by collaboration?

We will collaborate with you on a limited edition product of your choice, then we will pay for 50% of the stock in return of 50% of the profits. All products are sold on your store. This option is only available if we already manage your merchandise & your store.

Why should I choose Rock Lifestyle UK?

We have experience in creating merchandise for musicians. We also know what fans look for when it comes to the quality of materials & prints when buying products.

Rock Lifestyle UK will make sure that all of your products will be high quality but also being able to sell at a reasonable price, and making sure it’s all delivered on top & in the best condition possible.

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